The KissFAQ

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Gene, Ace, Peter & Paul:

A Detailed Exploration of the 1978 Kiss Solo Albums

Published: September 18, 2015

A book based on the 2013 KissFAQ "Back In The Solo Albums Groove" website project, a celebration of KISS' solo albums and other 1978 activities. Interviews with Ben D. Bollinger, John Cavazos, Eric Troyer, Neil Jason, Michele Slater, Michael Des Barres, Richard T. Bear, Mitch Weissman, Richie Ranno, Brendan Harkin, John Tropea, Art Munson, Neil Jason, Tom Saviano, Susan Collins, Will Lee, Rob Freeman, Russ Ballard, Anton Fig, Eddie Kramer, Richie Fontana, Diana Grasselli, Peppy Castro, Steve Buslowe, Doug Katsaros, Bob Kulick, Jeff Glixman, David Edward Byrd, Stephanie Tudor, Carol Kaye, Carol Ross-Durborow, Dennis Woloch, Larry Harris, and Christopher K. Lendt

Also features including Who's Who and What's What on the Solo albums, In The Solo Album Spotlight: Peter, Paul, Ace, and Gene; 50 Fun Facts Relating To The 1978 Solo Albums; and 1978 featurettes: "Double Platinum," "KISS" Timeline, The Year in Rock, In The Press, Collecting the Solo Albums, The Impact ...

The book substantially expands on the original feature content and present the full picture of KISS in 1978!

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