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Back In The Solo Album Groove With Art Munson

Guitarist on Peter Criss' solo album checks in with a message, plus a brief Q&A.

By Tim McPhate

(Editor's Note: KissFAQ caught up with guitarist Art Munson via email. After sending the tracks from Peter Criss' 1978 solo album on which he is featured, Munson responded with the following message. Subsequently, he agreed to answer a handful of questions.)

"I listened to the tracks and my first impression is that they are a lot better then I remembered them at the time. Vini [Poncia] was the producer on all the sessions I worked on. I believe that Peter had recently survived an automobile accident and this was one of his first gigs after the accident. It really was just another couple of days of session work for me so once they were over it was on to the next." -- Art Munson, guitarist, "Peter Criss"

Art Munson
Courtesy of Art Munson

KissFAQ: What was Vini Poncia like in the studio? A task master or more laid back?
Art Munson: I remember him as easygoing.

KF: Do you recall if you tracked your guitars live, or were they overdubbed?
AM: I was working on the live tracks, No overdubs that I recall.

KF: Did you play rhythm guitar or leads (or both)?
AM: Pretty sure it was mostly rhythm.

KF: You are correct in saying Peter recently had been in a car accident. Did you meet Peter at all? Any general impressions?
AM: I did meet Peter as he was playing live with us. No distinct impression. I don't remember him having any kind of attitude because of who he was. Pretty straight ahead. We were just a bunch of guys in a room playing together.

(KissFAQ thanks Art Munson for his time and contribution to Back In The Solo Album Groove, our 35th anniversary retrospective dedicated to the 1978 KISS solo albums.)

About Art Munson:
For several decades, Art Munson has been involved in many facets of the music business as a guitarist, recording engineer, songwriter and record producer. He has worked with artists as varied as John Lennon, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Billy Joel, the Righteous Brothers, Paul Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Vonda Shepard, Brenda Russell, David Sanborn, Bill Medley, and many more. Munson has also been involved in scoring for numerous TV shows, jingles and films. His numerous TV credits include the "Today" show, "Oprah," and "ABC World News," among other shows. On "Peter Criss," Munson participated in the sessions in Los Angeles helmed by Vini Poncia. He played guitar on the tracks "I'm Gonna Love You," "You Matter To Me," "Tossin' And Turnin'," "Don't You Let Me Down," "That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes," and "Hooked On Rock 'N' Roll."